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Nylon Feet 1


The original story was posted by NylonSolesFeet who kindly allowed me to translate it into English. Check out their profile: I have a huge fetish for sniffing and licking feet in nylons. Fortunately, I work at a place where the staff is expected to be nicely dressed. The winter days are the best because all of the women wear hosiery and I just stare at their legs all day. My first nylon experience with a coworker happened 3 months ago. It was a cold, rainy day and the female colleague who works at a desk next to mine was late. When she finally arrive… Read more

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That Rat Bastard Lesbian

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Lily shoved the door to the Port and Pint open, smirking as it slammed against the wall. She glanced back to make sure she hadn't broken the door. She had not; too bad, the damn thing was in her way after all and with the mood she was in, anything standing in her way had better watch out! The bar's few patrons turned to check out the noise, but Lily merely glared back defiantly. The young woman stomped up to the bar, climbing onto a stool at the far left end of the bar, as far from the other patrons as she could sit. She huffed and grimaced as Rosalind, the proprietress, continued chatting ea… Read more

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A memorable day on the farm - pt 6


A memorable day on the farm - pt 6: Jon's story (The husband's story) Looking back, the whole affair seems absolutely ridiculous. Unbelievable. It's insane to think that anyone could behave like that; could do those things. But there's something special about Willow, something that seems to set her apart from many other women (perhaps...). Willow has a strange condition. To many of our family, friends and work colleagues she is the prim and proper, wife, mother and professional. Often she can be shy and a little socially awkward in unfamiliar situations. She's certainly conservativ… Read more

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Mistis' Adventures Part 167


Brenda relaxed for a little, enjoying the feelings that James had filled her with. Among the other things. She laid in the bed for a few more minutes and decided that it would be safe to go to the new house. She had heard all of them talking about how nice it was, and she was curious to see it for herself. She went ahead and took a quick shower, to cool off, and dressed in her shorts and a thin shirt. She had figured that it was enough for around here, with all of the other ladies running around naked. She hadn't thought about her car. It had been put out of sight. Liz looked at her disappoin… Read more

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Daddy’s favourite gurl 5

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The playroom was very busy. Daddy and his friends had advertised it on fetish sites and the bookings came in thick and fast. Daddy showed me how to do the bookings on line and answer the phone. We had regular prostitutes doing block bookings and our bank balance was very healthy. I was given a wage which I spent on clothes. Daddy was happy for me to be taken out for meals or to clubs by his friends and I never spent a penny on anything other than myself. All the girls would beg Daddy to rent me to them. They wanted me to join in and use the guys who were visiting on the hour every hour but he… Read more

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Shocker X. (Dedicated to Pissgirl).

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Victoria was grabbing my ballbag and cramming more of my enormous shaft into her mouth; gagging as saliva mixed with spunk dribbled down her chin and splashed on the wooden floor underneath! "Such a greedy little bitch, tut tut"! Mrs. White leaned forward and dr****g her arm over my shoulders, she leaned forward, kissing me passionately, her tongue darting in and out of my mouth and she sucked my tongue as well as beneath me, Victoria continued to gobble more of my pole which disappeared, bit by bit into her gullet! She wretched and choked, determined to cram as much of my pole i… Read more

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Hot Zooey Deschanel Sexually Assaulted On Set

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Recently there was some leaked private footage of incredibly beautiful & vastly desirable actress Zooey Deschanel getting sexually assaulted on set. With it being uploaded to public site online, for a very short period of time. Before the video got removed & taken down. With just a few people, now still having access to it. With the contents of the video, being rumoured to be vastly awful & shocking. As lovely gorgeous Zooey gets used for utmost sexual depravity & sin. Getting cold-heartedly fucked by a production crew, including more than 50 guys. Losing all of their control… Read more

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My wife orgy

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I'm a shy, introvert, smaller-than-average endowed husband with a beautiful, extrovert, larger-than-average busted wife. We had fantasized for years about bringing other people into our sex life before we actually took the plunge. We decided that we would attend a swingers club in a neighboring town that a friend of Shelley's had told her about. When we arrived at the club, the host introduced himself as Leo, a Latin looking guy wearing shorts and a muscle shirt. Leo immediately ignored me and, grabbing Cynthia by the arm, gave her the grand tour of the premises while I followed along behind… Read more

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I would love to celebrate my birthday with just you? Great the sit down and I’ll get us a drink Wine be ok with you‘ Yes that’s great! As I went into the kitchen to get the wine from the fridge I undid my top zip a little more and also pulled the zip up the front a bit more I was now showing my a lot of my inside thigh as I walked back into the lounge I noticed right away his eyes were staring at my legs, I bent down to hand him his glass of wine and made sure he got an eyeful of my breasts, I could start to hear him breathing heavy as if he was about to have an orgasm I’m so up for this I t… Read more

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How I got myself into this situation I do not know but I don’t want to stop. Hi my name is Amy I’m married with two lovely boys one 6 and one 4, I have been married for 15 years to a wonderful man and have a great marriage Sex is so good and I love him so much I just wish he were at home more his job takes him away for weeks on end, My only escape while he’s away is going out with the girls every week for a meal and then onto a club to dance the night away, I’m very lucky, as my husband let’s me go out with the girls every week and encourages me to have a good time he knows that I would nev… Read more

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Hi my name is Tim Carter and my wife is called Cathy. Part of my job entails entertaining clients and potential new clients and sometimes their wives, husbands or girlfriends come along too. On such occasions Cathy my wife of five years will often come with me. She is excellent company and very good with the clients and their partners and just happens to look great too. Cathy loves socialising and thoroughly enjoys these nights out, especially if it entails eating out in one of the top restaurants in town and then going on to a club where she can dance the night away. Despite being thirt… Read more

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Wifes photoshoot

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She didn’t like it, not one bit. It hadn’t been her idea. She’d told him no, but he hadn’t listened. He drove the car, her bag on the backseat. It was mid afternoon, and the traffic was its usual Mum’s collecting their k**s self. She sat back in the seat, as he fumed at the delay…. “I showed a guy at work some of those photo’s I took of you the other week,” Paul said. “You did what!” I shouted. “I knew you wouldn’t mind,” he replied. “Look Paul, I did that for you, I thought you said you’d never fucking show them to anyone else, you fucking promised me.” I said, almost in tears. I was livid w… Read more

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Charlie felt really exhausted now so decided to cautiously head for his home cave acknowledging Old Tom the wisened old centaur who was part of the team of four who watched over the small hidden settlement deep in the thickest remotest part of Hailey,s Forest. Any sign that men were near would send a guard centaur to tell everyone and all would disappear into the background till the danger was over. Men had once used dogs, but learned fast when the wolf people drove the dogs off. The wolf people were allies and had been for centuries and defended centaurs almost as strongly as other wolves. Li… Read more

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"Wakey wakey sleepy head," Paula said. Samantha groaned. "What time is it?" "It's seven in the morning," Paula replied. "It's time for your boosters." Samantha got up slowly and yawned. She felt the two pricks on her arm. "All done," Paula said. "I would let you sleep for longer. But I've got to go out." "To the office and do shopping, yeah?" Samantha replied, looking at her Mistress, who was wearing her jammies which were black shorts and a black t-shirt. "Yip, also to get you a pair of slippers and high heels," Paula answered with a smile. "Right, I need you to pop into the kitchen and… Read more

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Sam stood outside Miss Turner's front door. The weekend was hell was for him. He couldn't sleep, he had to sit down on the toilet and pee like a girl and more importantly, he couldn't jack off. The young man feared what the beautiful woman but deadly woman had in store for him. He took a heavy breath and knocked on the door. He waited for a few seconds as the door opened. Paula was wearing black yoga pants and a black tank top. "Please come inside." Sam walked into the house. "Please follow me into the living room and I will show you the contract." She closed the door and led the way into t… Read more

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Not written by me but hot Sam had just got home from losing his retail job. His manager told him that the company had to make massive cuts and unfortunately for Sam, he was one of those people getting cut. Sam was 18 years old. He was five foot six with short black hair and blue eyes. His physical stature wasn't anything to write home about he was skinny with no muscle on him. "What am I doing to do?" He groaned. "I don't have that much money." Sam's parents died when he was 12 years old and went into foster care. His parents did leave him with some money. But it was enough to get him a sma… Read more

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Gary, Janet and Ross Too cont.

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Gary, Janet and Ross Too cont. Kay takes up the story. I couldn’t believe I had just taken 2 big cocks at the same time. I mean I had done it before I met Mike but not with such big cocks. Janet took my hand and led me to the bathroom. My legs were still wobbly, and I could feel the cum leaking out of me. “are you ok” Janet asked. I nodded smiling “yes very ok, that was amazing.” “You took it well I have to say.” Janet took a warm wet flannel and cleaned my bum for me which felt nice. Then she knelt in front of me and licked my pussy cleaning the cum with her tongue which also felt v… Read more

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Chapter 29a: TO THE NW MOUNTAIN After assessing the damage we suffered from the storm and deciding what to do with the carcass of the octopus, we walked our gorilla friends back through the tunnel. We asked them to pass information along to our team members and the clan leadership. That we would come by tomorrow to work out plans for leaving on the following day to travel to the region around the mountain to the NW with the intention to locate and meet with the other village, the other clan, and wolf pack. We also agreed that b**st and I would also stop at the village and notify the pe… Read more

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Chapter 28: AT THE LAGOON Arriving back to the lagoon I find that b**st has already returned. It is early evening and I haven’t seen him in days. Exiting he tunnel I see him at the fresh water pool at the waterfall. I rush to the hut and remove all my weapons and boots and run to the falls to greet him. He hears me coming and turns as I fling myself at him. He is much too massive for me to knock over. Every time I merely bounce off him and end up on my ass. He shakes his head coming to me, gives me a long, wet lick along my face saying, ‘You are going to hurt yourself doing that one o… Read more

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How I got into wearing panties

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Like a lot of men who are gay, straight or bi, I love wearing ladies panties, along with nylon tights and stockings, as I find them incredibly sexy to wear. I like wear them a lot of the time. I wear them when I am at work in my lorry, I wear them under my trousers when I am shopping in the supermarket and I like to wear them when I am having sex, either cruising for sex with other men, or when I am wanking on my own. I make my living by delivering and collecting freight as a lorry driver and as such I am required to take certain breaks at certain times of the day, which is recorded on my ta… Read more

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